Concurrent validity of the Movement Assessment Battery for Children Checklist-2: A Greek Population-Based Study

Dimitropoulou, D1, Evaggelinou, Ch1,  Kourtessis, T2, Mouratidou, K1, Tsigilis, N3, Ellinoudis, T1

1 School of Physical Education and Sport Science at Serres, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2 Department of Physical Education & Sport Science, Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, Greece
3 Department of Journalism and Mass Media Communication, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


The aim of this study was to examine a) the concurrent validity of the Movement Assessment Battery for Children Checklist-2 (MABCC-2) within Greek population, and b) the educators effect on the concurrent validity of the MABCC-2. Seventy-three educators (23 pre-school teachers, 30 primary school teachers and 20 primary physical education teachers) participated in the study assessing 584 students (age range 5–12 years, 292 boys & 292 girls), covering the total of age range addressed by the MABCC-2. Students were assessed both by the MABCC-2 and the Movement Assessment Battery for Children2 motor test (MABC-2-T). Concurrent validity was investigated by measuring the level of agreement (Kappa coefficient) between the checklist and the motor test, as well as by calculating the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy rates. Results revealed a moderate value of agreement (k=.28), moderate sensitivity (50.6%) and acceptable specificity (80.7%). The type of educator displayed a significant effect on MABCC-2 concurrent validity rates. Best results were obtained for preschool and primary school teachers. The findings suggest that the exclusive use of the MABCC-2 may not be sufficient to identify children with motor difficulties in Greek school context. However, the rates of concurrent validity obtained in the present study are not unusual for checklists.  In general, it was stressed by several researchers that motor assessment checklists for educators usually present low concurrent validity especially in populationbased samples


concurrent validity, movement difficulties, MABC-2 Checklist, educators, DCD


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