Development and Validation of a new questionnaire assessing the bio-psychosocial needs of patients with chronic neck pain. The Bio-psychosocial Neck Pain Questionnaire (BNPQ-30).


Bio-psychosocial factors are associated with increased risk of disabling chronic neck pain. The aim of this study was the development of a valid tool, in the form of a questionnaire, for the identification of patient’s biopsychosocial needs suffering from CNP. This study included a combination of a qualitative phenomenological approach with a quantitative pretest posttest-control group study design. The questionnaire contained 30 items thus comprising the Bio-psychosocial Neck Pain Questionnaire (BNPQ-30). The content validity of the questionnaire and the structural validity was calculated with the use of exploratory (n=150) and confirmatory (n=300) factor analysis. Results based on Batlett [χ2(435) = 5486,54, p < 0,001]. The values KMO = 0,77 were characterized as satisfactory. Internal consistency of the variables was assessed using Cronbach α. Values above 0.7 were considered satisfactory. Guttmann and Spearman-Brown values were > 0,7. S-Bχ2 = 1275,50, df = 382, p < 0,001, RCFI = 0,91, TLI = 0,90, SRMR = 0,081, RMSEA = 0,088, RMSEA 90% CI = 0,083 – 0,094. Additionally, the value AVE> 0,50. The Bio-psychosocial Neck Pain Questionnaire (BNPQ-30) was developed to assist healthcare professionals dealing with patients with CNP.