Validity and Reliability of the developmental Test of Visual-motor integration and its supplemental tests of Visual perception and Motor coordination in Pre-school children in Luxembourg

Johan Simons & Christine Probst

Faculty Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences, KULeuven, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences


This study aims to control for the validity and reliability of the Developmental Test of Visual-motor Integration and its supplemental tests of Visual Perception and Motor Coordination in pre-school children in Luxembourg. Additionally it serves to compare the performance of the pre-school children in Luxembourg to the age-related norms, established in the United States. In total 68 children, aged between 4 and 7 years old, participated in the study. The children were inscribed to 2 pre-schools in Luxembourg-city. One week after performing the first test 30 children performed a retest. The results indicated that the performance of the girls did not differ significantly from the performance of the boys. In general, the scores of the children of the pre-schools in Luxembourg differed significantly from the norms established in an age-related population in the United States. The children in Luxembourg scored significantly higher when comparing their standard scores of the 3 tests to the reference means. The test-retest reliability of our data was lower than in the Beery administration manual (2004). Our results show moderate to high degrees of construct validity, compared to the results of the Beery administration manual, 5th edition, 2004.


Beery, (VMI), test-retest, norms

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