Musculoskeletal injuries involving Greek recreational tennis athletes

Malliou Paraskevi
School of Physical Education & Sport Science, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece


Purpose of the present study was to record the type and the anatomical position in relation to diagnosis of muscular skeletal injuries in recreational tennis players. Also, questions to record the mechanics of injury according to athlete’s opinion were applied. 100 recreational tennis players (80 male) reported a total of 170 injuries. In their tennis participation period 12 players injured once (15%), 45 injured twice (56%) and 22 player (28 %) injured 3 times and 5 players more than 3 times (6%). According to their personal opinion the injury happens due to “Inadequate warm up” “Fatigue” and “High intensity matches” The repetitive arm and elbow joints movements causes overuse injuries in the upper extremity while the enrich running tennis patterns leading at an increased risk for acute injury for the lower extremities. Fortunately, the low total tennis injury rate places the tennis not only a pleasant but a safe sport for junior athletes. Keywords: tennis injuries recreational tennis players


tennis injuries recreational tennis players

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