Information and Communication Technology serving Physical Education: Design and contents of an intervention program aiming to promote high school students’ active lifestyle

Andreas G. Avgerinos, Vassiliki Derri and Athanasia Kotsiani

Dept of Physical Education and Sport Science, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece


In this study, the mixed Physical Education (PE) model which is presented is currently applied experimentally. This model incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (I.C.T.) in PE high school classes, aiming to enhance students’ interest for the PE lesson, to develop knowledge on health related issues and to promote participation in physical activity (PA) and sports. In addition to the participation at the obligatory two hour PE classes per week, students: a) get support of a dynamic website in order to be informed, to exchange points of view on health subjects, to find specific information, to co-operate and to get involved in interactive learning, b) keep an e-portfolio containing personal achievement records, assignments, personal logs, and evidence of their activity involvement. The assessment of the program will be based on: a) the students’ performance on fitness tests and physical activity, attitudes towards PE lesson, their self-efficacy towards participation in sports and knowledge on health related issues, b) semi-structured group interviews with students and the PE teachers, and c) the report of an external evaluator.


ICT, online physical education, high school, Greece

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