A study of the construct validity of the Democritus–psychomotor assessment tool for pre-school children

F. Venetsanou*, N. Aggeloussis**, C. Christoforidis**, K. Taxildaris** & G. Mavromatis**

*4th Primary School of Nafplio, **Democritus University of Thrace


The aim of the present study was the examination of the construct validity of the Democritus Assessment Tool for Pre-school Children (PAT-PRE) (Kambas, Aggeloussis, & Gavrilidou, 2003). PAT-PRE was distributed to 435 children (238 boys and 197 girls) aged 48-71 months that were divided in four age groups [48-54 months (n=92), 55-59 months (n= 92), 60-65 months (n= 125) and 66-71 months (n=126). The results of the factor analysis revealed a model that accounted for the 60.38 % of the total score variance and was consisted of one strong multicollective factor and three weaker ones supporting the proposal of Kambas et al. (2003) for the use of the total score. Moreover, the item scores had statistically significant relationships with the total short form score. Age had a statistically significant effect on the total PAT-PRE score, while sex did not. PAT-PRE seemed to be a valid test on motor performance in normal Greek pre-school children.


construct validity, PAT-PRE, pre-school age

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