Volume 12

2020, First Issue


Psychomotricity: Effects of psychomotor interventions from the perspective of teachers.

Martin Vetter1 & Anita Sandmeier2

1University of Marburg, Germany, Institute for Sport Science and Motology, Chair for Psychomotricity and Motology.
2University of Teacher Education Schwyz, Goldau,
Switzerland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


This article presents excerpts from the results of an online survey of more than 200 teachers whose pupils have used psychomotor intervention. The teachers surveyed expressed a high level of confidence with support by psychomotor therapists: they believe, to very high percentages, that psychomotricity is successful. In general, they rate the therapy that takes place in the dedicated therapy room of the psychomotor therapist as more successful than the preventive or integrative work he or she supplies in the classroom. This leads to questions from the viewpoint of inclusion.


Psychomotricity, Motology, Psychomotor Intervention, Efficacy, Integration and Inclusion, Therapy Setting, Support Setting


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